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Another deviation without a title by GamerGirlN
Another deviation without a title
So,i like to make ocs.
And this is another furry/Star Fox Oc.
Haha i have no life.
Well,she's a bartender,her name is Roxanne,Roxy,for short.She's a dog,if you can't tell.She's very punk and badass,even though she's just a mere bartender.
What else?Nothing else.
Another thing,Yes,i know she looks a little bit like Fay,yes,i know she looks like a whore,yes,i know that i'm horrifying to backgrounds.Don't judge me.
Das' all.
Tear by GamerGirlN
I'm not a depressed person,i swear
I just like to draw sad people,for some reason
Do i need help?I have the feeling i need help 
Nah jk
So yeah.Cp's again.
jesus she looks so disturbing
Why is she naked?,you ask.Because i was too damm lazy to draw clothes.Nuff said
I don't have a good title by GamerGirlN
I don't have a good title
So,i made this.
Here's the deal:Every year my school makes an event of competitions and other stuff like that,and the whole school is separated on three Color Teams,wich in this year,were Red,Green and Purple,and every year,i like to make different personifications of the colors,and this one's red.
Smoker by GamerGirlN
Bad title is bad
So,apparently,this is the closest to realism i'll ever get :iconotlplz:
But,eh,w/e,i'm kinda proud of it
Btw,it's just a doodle,not a oc,character or whatever.But maaaybe i'll make an oc out of this *absconds*
I dunno,i'm addicted to Youtube,so i wanted to make this tag-meme-like thingy.w/e


1. Must use you and only you for this tag.
2. Do not change or add questions.
3. HAVE FUN!! C:

1 -- Hello!! C:

2 -- Do You Even Use You-tube?
Of course!I don't upload videos but,well,you get it :V

3 -- Do You Hate/Like/Or Love You-tube?

4 -- Alright, who is your favorite male You-tuber? 
Ian and Anthony (Smosh),Cry (Cryaotic),Toby Turner (Tobuscus) and Felix (PewDiePie)

5 -- Favorite female You-tuber?
Bunny (grav3yardgirl) and Marzia (CutiepieMarzia)

6 -- Who Is Your Favorite Singer/Artist On Youtube?
Christina Grimmie.That girl sings so perfectly that i just agsfagsgasfa

7 -- Favorite Series on Youtube??
Smosh's "What if ___ were real" ouo

8 -- Do You Like Psy? ( Gangnam Style )
Kinda :/

9 -- Do You Like The Harlem Shake? 
Yesh :3

10 -- You Like The New Design Of Youtube, Or The Older One?
Older,the new Youtube sucks :c


12 -- Did You Watch The Streamys?? ( Grammys For Youtube )
Nope,i started watching youtube very recently :/

13 -- Do You Like This Tag?
Yeah :V

14 -- Getting Bored Yet? eue 

15 -- When Your Sad, What Do You Search Up On Youtube To Make You Feel Better?
Toby's LazyVlogs <3

16 -- What Video Makes You LMAO
Every Gameplay Pewds does <3

17 -- What Video Never Gets Old?
Eeeh,i dunno?

18 --  Do You Have A Youtube Account?
Yeah,i don't post videos tho

19 -- If You Do, What Types Of Videos Do You Make??
I used to do Gameplay videos,but i stopped it :V

20 -- How Many Videos Do You Have?
eeh,i don't remember,srry

21 -- Would You Say Your A Little Popular On Youtube?
No,i got like,72 subscribers xD

22 -- What You-tuber Are You Currently Crushing On?

23 -- This Tag Is Done!!! C:
Okay then,see ya :V
  • Mood: Frustrated
  • Listening to: Rammstein - Ohne Dich
  • Reading: Fanfics
  • Watching: Tobuscus
  • Playing: Happy Wheels
  • Eating: Chocolate
  • Drinking: Nothing


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
>Enter name.

Your name is GAMERGIRLN,but most people call you LUNA.

You live in a house in a place called BRAZIL,but you like to call it HELL.

You are a very silly hipster girl who have some interesting hobbies,like DRAWNING,SINGING,DOING NOTHING,WRITING,READING and NAMING INANIMATED OBJECTS,like your sewing machine,QUEEN MARYAM.
You also like a lot of stuff,like ANIMALS,FOOD,MAKEUP,VIDEOGAMES,ROMANCE MOVIES AND NOVELS,WIGS,PIN-UPS,50'S STUFF,REGGAE,ROCK N' ROLL,FLOWER CROWNS,THE WALKING DEAD SERIES and RANDOM STUFF.You even have a RANDOM BANANA poster in your door and a RANDOM DOLPHIN poster in your wall.And you love your wigs as if they were your kids.
In your room,you can find a lot of things,like your BED,GUITAR,DRESSER,COSPLAY STUFF LYING AROUND,BOOKS,CELLPHONE,RANDOM PIECES OF FABRIC,VIDEOGAMES,and sometimes,even your DOG.You are in a MOIRALLEGIANCE with many of your FRIENDS.It's hard to just choose one.And you're also in a KISMESIS with a DISRESPECTFUL BACK-STABBING DOUCHEBAG,and in a PLATONIC PSYCHOLOGICAL MATESPRITSHIP with the youtuber TOBUSCUS.

Your chumhandle is fabulousRadish,but it's useless,since you never enter in Pesterchum anyway.

What will you do?

>Luna: Update your DeviantID on Deviantart.


Slow interwebz by prosaixI love stamps by docmillerFriends by KiagouTombGirl-Gamer Stamp by BowChickaBowWowA Much Needed Stamp by savagebinnStamp - Freddie Fan by darkaionHetalia... by TakigiKitsuYaoi:Yuri Stamp by RavechuFav too much - Stamp by TadadadaAlyx Vance Stamp Ver.1 by EtherealStardustUseless knowledge by paramoreSUCKSChubby Chicks Rock Stamp by Aimee-Valentine-ArtI listen to music while i draw by TontoraI Love to Draw Eyes! Stamp by BottledGraceOld YouTube vs. New YouTube by ETrademarkkSkyrim Horse stamp by SeeraphineHollywood Undead Stamp by xXCougarXxJ-Dog Hollywood Undead Stamp by madohomosCharlie Scene Hollywood Undead Stamp by madohomosNew Hollywood Undead Stamp by madohomosStamp: Karkat by Michiru-MewHS: Karkat Vantas stamp by JanbearpigPinup Stamp by missjesswinkwinkPin Up Stamp by HappyStampAnti-Fetish Stamp by Maria-OregonSylph of Heart by YukinoTenshi23Atheist Stamp by Kezzi-Roseatheist by Neferit

Zodiac troll: :iconnepetaleijonplz:
Patron Troll: :iconeridanamporaplz:
Personality Troll::iconkarkatvantasplz:
(Wich ironically,those three are my favorite characters from Homestuck *ahem*)
Homestuck :heart:
:bulletblue: Some of the wonderful people that i recomend :3

A random fact i should let you guys know:
If you thank me for favorite/watch/llama idk in english,i will answer you properly,but please don't be offended when you comment in another language and i only reply a :3 or whatever.I simply don't know what to answer! :P
End of report.

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hey, i decided to try to draw that pic of sera that you made for me, is it okay if i post it?

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Of course! :D
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